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Hey Everyone! 

Featured artist time!!! FOR ANIMAL CROSSING LOVERS!!

These lovely figures are by “RezArmy” on Etsy.com. (not by me) The artist uses a resin casting method from molds created by him then goes in and intricately hand paints in the detail. The figures shown are the “stock, ready to ship” ones! But he definitely takes custom orders (for an additional cost, depends on the complexity of the design and added items to the figure) (these would be awesome Christmas gifts!) 

Show some love everyone :D these are seriously awesome. I appreciate and love other AC inspired artist!! 

Here is a link to “RezArmy” 


Thanks for looking!

Feel free to contact him through Etsy. 

"Live a good life for me."

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Today’s drink~



look how tiny i am

Smaller than the book




Hey remember that one time I didn’t give a fuck what assholes thought and I decided to wear whatever the fuck I want because I’m pretty damn cute? Cuz I sure do.

These self-righteous people are wrong, in any case. High waisted (or rather, natural waisted) is actually best for people with a few extra pounds or more as it creates a straight line from waist to the bottom of the trousers — or shorts in this case. Low rise can give you a muffin top even if you are thin or average in body type! So really, they have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. :) I have a background in menswear and Ariel has one in theatre costuming and we both agreed that these proclamations were pretty silly.

Big girls, skinny girls, and chubby girls it doesn’t matter, they are all beautiful and have every rite to wear what ever they want. Same goes for men as well. So long as you are happy with yourself. Who gives a damn what anyone else thinks.



ダンボールは潜入の必需品!明日案内開始☆「ねんどろいど ソリッド・スネーク」で遊んでみた◎

That’s kind of cool

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